Wake Up Hazel @ Folk On The Rocks 2009

July 14, 2009
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We had an awesome time playing at the 2009 Folk On The Rocks festival.  The weather was incredible and the crowds were huge.

Wake Up Hazel is: Kevin Dunbar on drums, Al Udell on bass, Sophie Leger on harmonies and percussion, Laurie Sarkadi on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Jeff Norris on lead guitar and Clayton Pielak on harmonica.

Here’s some pics of our performances.

WUH @ FOTR 2009 1
WUH @ FOTR 2009 3
WUH @ FOTR 2009 5
WUH @ FOTR 2009 2
WUH @ FOTR 2009 7
WUH @ FOTR 2009 6

Here’s a video clip of us playing in the beer gardens. That’s the incredible Jeff Norris wailing away on lead guitar.

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