Moving to Vancouver Island and Other Life Changes

January 1, 2013
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Wow, it’s been several months since my last post.  It’s been a very busy year!  In December 2012, Adrienne and I started to make some big changes in our lives beginning with uprooting from Yellowknife after 15 years and moving to the Victoria area on Vancouver Island (North Saanich, BC).  It was an emotional move, having left my federal job (Web/GIS Specialist with the Northwest Territories Geoscience Office), saying goodbye to all of our awesome friends in Yellowknife, and leaving two very popular bands, Funk69 and Wake Up Hazel.  I still keep in touch with the gang and hope to have the chance to perform with them in Yellowknife sometime in the future.

Having left the Yellowknife music scene, I knew that restarting my music career in Victoria would be both exciting and challenging. It has such a huge and vibrant music scene! It also gave me the opportunity to focus on performing with my wife Adrienne as a two-member Bossmare. Bossmare is a 3-piece band started by Adrienne and our good friend Samm Merritt in Yellowknife. Performing with Adrienne has been a real treat. We’ve already played together at a local retirement party and my Mom’s Birthday party in Saskatoon. We desperately miss Samm on backup vocals and guitar but Adrienne is proving to be a strong lead vocalist and her guitar playing improves and impresses me every time we play.

Here are photos and video of Bossmare performing. Yes, that’s me on Ukulele. I picked it up while on vacation on Maui a few years ago and love playing it!

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