About Me

Al Udell 6
Al with DB - High Res Colour

Hello! I’m a performing bassist living in Shediac, NB. Born and raised in Saskatoon, I started with formal piano and music training at a young age and switched to electric bass in high school. After some formal bass training, I started performing with bands in Saskatoon’s local clubs and outdoor festivals.

My band experience started with many popular Saskatoon-based acts including GBU, Wildfire, Muffin Hedz, Restless, Critical Mess, Lost Highway, Sam Hell, Naked Finnegan, and Kentucky Fryed. In 1991, I was the recipient of the Gold Fever talent award at the Saskatchewan Music Awards for my bass work on a self-titled Critical Mess album.

I moved to Yellowknife in 1998 and enjoyed 15 busy years performing and recording with a number of popular bands including Jet 30, Starz of Track and Field, Anodyne, Maggie Skeeter, Rough Touch, Leslie Bader Band, Diga, Wake Up Hazel, X1A, Bossmare, and Funk69.

I moved to Victoria in 2012 and performed and recorded with over a dozen local bands of various genres including Cory Steiner Band, AfterShocK, Phonosonics, Water In The Crawl Space, and Side By Side. See my Band Archive page for a compilation of bands I’ve been involved with.

As a song writer, I’ve collaborated in many original bands. See my Original Bands page for more information. I also compose and record my own music. I’m a long-standing member of SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and CIRAA (the Canadian Independent Recording Artists’ Association). I’m also a member of Music BC (Music BC Industry Association), a non-profit society serving the British Columbia music industry.

Although 4, 5 and 6-string electric bass are my go-to instruments, I’ve been devoting progressively more time lately practicing and performing on traditional upright bass.